Bayes´│ is just a digitized form of the introductions that we all regularly provide in our network.

“Getting introduced to ‘just the right person for the job’ by
someone you trust will make all the difference”

Bayes´│ Company was created as digitized form of the mutual introduction e-mails that all of us write if we happen to know someone that may be able to help. While working with PE, VC, banks and portfolio companies, we continuously get requests for experts and expertise.


Sometimes those questions can be answered in a single phone call, but often the challenges need days, weeks or months on-the-ground support to get the job done.


We developed this exclusive platform for several hundreds of investors and C-level executives with (potential) investments and operations in Europe.


Our experts (today more than 400) understand the value of confidentiality, mutual trust and reliability. We value fair usage of our free introductions, and we encourage experts and members to strengthen this network.